Certified Organic Latex

Heveya is more than just about mattresses and pillows. We believe in conducting business in a manner to preserve the needs of the future generations by minimizing any negative impacts of our operations on the environment.

Rainforest Guardian

Tropical rainforests are the world’s largest sources of biodiversity and CO˛ absorption. With Heveya, together we can protect our tropical rainforests from deforestation by becoming a Rainforest Guardian.

Heveya Sleep Benefits

Latex is the best all-natural mattress material that the Mother Nature can give. Heveya latex mattresses are made of high quality, 100% natural organic latex. Now you can enjoy a natural healthy sleep.

Experience Heveya

Heveya is more than just about mattresses and pillows. In an era of global warming and ecological disasters, we all need to take our responsibility. At Heveya we do this by using only ecological products, like latex from an organic latex plantation and contributing to the preservation of the Cocobolo Rainforest in Panama.

Read more on Heveya's role in saving the earth and how to be a Rainforest Guardian.

When buying a new mattress, why not buy one that makes the world a better place.


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